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Overexpose, underexpose. Aperture this, aperture that.

Cameras are funny things, and the more I learn about them the more they seem to be like a human eye. The best analogy I can come up with so far is that the aperture is like an iris (Credit Sarah Dea). No, not Professor Iris, dumbass. But the iris in your eye. Here is a sample photo from the lot.

Anyway, today I took some photos “Anne Geddes” style minus the babies and lettuce pods. So really nothing like Anne Geddes at all, but whatever.

Take a look at my most recent foray into photography here. If you don’t like it, well, I am sorry. Just know that I know that I suck still.

In other news, my day by the numbers:

Number of ad agencies contacting me for work 3

Number of new twitter followers (today alone) 86

Number of hits on this blog 112

Photographs taken 87


If you build it they will come…

So this morning I sent the ad below to a recruiting coordinator at one of America’s top ad agencies (we had already exchanged several emails).

Shortly after she responded and after an entire day of email exchange I just got this email (this is really really cool):


It is all very exciting on this end for me. I have three of the top most people who want you in this building. They are making up a role for you to fill. I have heard them talking about bringing you in on a contract “to try you out”. This is basically to get you in the door and then they will do what it takes to keep you. I am only telling you all of this so that you can be prepared. Also, we have you as needing $50k a yr. American dollars. They didn’t blink on that….. so we will see what happens.

I guess I should explain that I have been keeping all of your information in a folder, and I had mentioned to one of the VPs that your resume had caught my attention. Another of the recruiters here said no, there was no position for you, but I went ahead and dropped your info on the VPs desk this morning. He immediately said you were great… then your info went to another and he is totally pulling for you. So, if we can get the head of Human Resource to make a spot for you, you are in! Also, the VP I talked to out ranks her so hopefully that will help us.

The head of the creative department said you have the “it” he has been looking for. So, whatever “it” is you better not lose it! LOL

Have a great evening and stay in touch!


This is one of the coolest notes I have ever received. Now I just have to hope that this materializes into a formal offer sometime soon.

More updates to come I am sure.