Eating humble pie.

Everywhere I’ve gone in life I’ve known everyone and been the “go-to-guy.”

School board trustee, public speaker, university student president, TV show host, frosh week coordinator, fundraiser etc.

Today, I am 1 and a half months into an internship at an awesome agency. It’s been an adjustment to say the least.

I make zero dollars a day, I am not known by everybody – in fact not known by most. People don’t come to me for advice, in fact I seek it out.

But what I don’t make in dollars I more than make up for in learning about life, myself and the advertising industry.

Anyway, this is all to say that while the internship is tough I am loving it. With a month and a half left, having overcome a cold, I’m psyched.

My abject poverty is relieved by my freelance work which is picking up more and more these days. Up to four clients now. Sweet ass, super sweet.

In the meantime I will keep running (another half marathon next weekend), volunteering with the needy, biking all over the city, singing in a choir and living a life full of passion.

Happy Thanksgiving peeps!

Much love,



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