Today was a double rainbow kind of day!

I am totally exhausted so I will keep this brief.

The last couple of days have been totally worthy of Double Rainbow status, just totally awesome. First, my new digs up on the Danforth. Glorious. I have never seen so many Gyros in such a confined area. My hosts are awesome, hopefully I can get out of their hair soon!

Today was my first day at Grip. Was it what I expected? It exceeded my expectations in every conceivable way. I can see why this agency has been so successful. The people there are top notch. I got a tour of the digs, which comes equipped with lots of neat features (I have mentioned them before).

I got my office too! I am sharing an office with two others, one intern and a freelancer. It’s a corner office, I share it, but still, it’s a corner office. I could see OCAD from my desk all day!

There was something awesome about my run this morning: 6am running across the Danforth to my office and back. It felt nice to be back in Toronto.

I got a project today as well. I think I am going to be challenged with staying disciplined and on brand. I have a tendency to want to make everything funny, sometimes it doesn’t work.

So I am essentially drafting as many headlines as I can think of and will try to have two or three decent ones that I am not ashamed to share.

Anyway, the day was just AMAZING. I feel like getting here was tough, but totally worth it. It was funny, almost EVERYONE I met knew me as the dude who commented on the blog. I am pretty sure I should be embarrassed by this fact. haha. I am too pleased to care.

I will share more tomorrow, if I have time.

Oh yea, the Jays lost tonight, too. That pissed me off.



One response to “Today was a double rainbow kind of day!

  1. Congrats on your new position!

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