Goodbyes mean hellos!

So now that I have written my heartfelt goodbye I will take 2 minutes to make a pseudo awesome announcement:

I got an internship at my favourite ad agency in TO! I start this week, Tuesday at 9:15am to be exact. For some of you this will be a complete surprise because I have kept it relatively quiet (I found out just under a week ago) but that was mainly because it felt like somebody gave me the shocker.

Anyway, I cannot wait to be in Toronto (yes, Ottawa people I will miss you deeply).

I am going to be working at Grip Limited as an Copywriting Intern. I will do anything they need me to do, including bathroom cleaning if necessary. I don’t care. So onward and upward! This is huge, this place is amazing, it’s one of Toronto’s top employers, it has a firepole and slide to get from one floor to another and bud light on tap.

Then there’s the work: some of the top clients you could hope for. Honda, Budweiser, so on and so forth. I will chronicle my journey into the ad world as I continue this insanely awesome journey. The end of poverty is nigh.



3 responses to “Goodbyes mean hellos!

  1. You get a slide and top clients? Jealous. Can I come visit you and get some mid-day draught Bud? hahaha.

  2. Hahaha Slaw, you kill me.

    Let’s do lunch soon, yes?

  3. You know it, Mooney! I’m available most days for lunch. Shoot me an email and let’s do this!

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