602 applications, 32 days and many sleepless nights later…

Today, after all of that I was offered a gig. Yep that’s right, Saatchi & Saatchi offered me a freelance position where I will get to work on two massive accounts: Proctor and Gamble and Wal Mart. Amazing. I nearly shed a tear when the guy interviewing me offered me the job over the phone. All I could say was, “wow, thank-you.”

Speaking of the guy who interviewed me, he is a big deal. Bigger than Ron Burgundy big. In 2009 this guy was voted as one of the top ten creative directors in the world! Of course I discovered this before our conversation this morning so I was a little intimidated to say the least.

He told me he LOVED my cover letter, “It was very very good” – he liked my tenacity and creativity. So after chatting about baseball, old movies, my life and answering one question for him he offered me a job. 41 minutes is all it took and it felt great.

I mentioned to him that other firms have offered me freelancing gigs. In fact I just got another one with an Ottawa based agency! After telling him this he said “Well, look. If I like what you produce I want to take you with me, and bring you down here and work in the agency full time.” Again, I nearly shed a tear.

This is it. It’s my big break. Getting this shot is a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially with a creative director of his caliber. Who knows what could happen next – but in the mean time I am going to get paid and I will be able to start building my portfolio.

I am getting connected with their senior copywriter so that he can mentor me and teach me what he knows. I will listen and observe and soak it all up like a sponge.

Feels really weird having a breakthrough, I was beginning to lose hope. But now, now I feel like I can do anything. I can’t wait for my first assignment.

This whole thing gave me a feeling that I got when I heard that kid do the guitar solo in August Rush. The clip is here. It will make you feel awesome inside. That is how I feel right about now. Enjoy.

More updates to come as I get them.

And oh yea, his one question for me:

“Liam what do you want out of a career in advertising, moreover why do you want to be like Bill Bernbach?”

My response:

‘To advertise in ways never done before and to give my brain the creative outlet that it’s always wanted”


8 responses to “602 applications, 32 days and many sleepless nights later…

  1. Congrats!! Wowl thats such a good achievement. It certainly is your now or now moment. Im at the other end- I graduated and am trying to even just get work experience in advertising. I dont even think what I write is being read. My mind keeps thinking of gimicy stunts- but im trying to avoid that path- afraid to let the dragon loose.
    I tried to look at your portfolio but for some reason it didnt work for me. Anyhows, well done!!! You have inspired me to carry on writing, and check my cover letter!! And maybe someone will allow me to enter their office and “work for free”— crazy world we live in!

    keep up the good work!!

  2. I’m so fucking stoked for you that I just used the f-word.

  3. “didntseethat” thanks a million for your comments, really super of you!

    ps. I can’t seem to log on to your blog. What gives?!
    I’d love to hear more about your stuff, perhaps we can collaborate on a cover letter! haha


    ps. Laine, thank you for swearing for me.

  4. That I was not aware of! Ive tried to sort the problem but I think it’s a wordpress support issue. I have 2 blogs under one user- one was meant to be review type, and the other a bit like a personal tracker (although I haven’t started using that one yet). This is my blog http://didntseethat.wordpress.com/

    I think I’m perhaps a creative at heart- I have no experience in graphics, fine drawing etc, or a portfolio, and have therefore taken more of an interested in the junior accounts type roles. I’d love to collaborate over a cover letter- thats a very kind offer! I was flicking through your blog and saw your cover letter- but I really liked your CV! Anyways I could go on forever so I’ll end this “comment” here!

  5. Ha ok thanks. I cant open it but maybe its because of the prog you used as Im not on a MAC computer

    • Yea, I have a mac. Oh well. I will be posting my spec ads on here in a bit anyway so you can take a look at them then.

      ps. sorry I took so long to write back, I have just been so busy.

  6. No worries! I had my first ad interview today for a grad scheme! Soooo excited, but think I could have done better. Worse thing is when you try and forget about it- you turn on the TV and there is an ad from that company, go on the tube and more ads from the company! So harsh…. constant reminders of what you should have mentioned, bit like a break up! And I really liked the company…… must move on….
    Just had to tell someone who likes ads!

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