Even smart can be dumb…

Today I had an “SMRT” moment.

I was following up with an Ottawa ad agency re: my application that I had sent in three weeks ago. I wrote directly to the CCO (a guy that I have been secretly admiring for a while – the kind of secret crush you get in grade 5 where you start sending anonymous notes asking the recipient to circle yes or no if he or she likes you).

The biggest difference is that I am not attracted to this man because well I don’t like dudes. Second, he knows exactly who I am now after I followed up with him directly.

In most circumstances a follow up is no problem, but today after several hours of additional applications (I have now applied to all of Canada’s agencies) I decided to follow up with him while barely being able to keep my eyes open.

Result: a follow up for a copywriter position that had two grammatical errors in it. How’s that for irony?!

I immediately wrote back and said:

“I just re read this and realized that there are some ridiculous grammatical errors. Perfect. Just what I need when trying to convince you that I am the man for your Jr. Copywriter position. I am not sure if I could have made a better first impression.

Sarcasm aside, I apologize for that – I am absolutely exhausted. Let me try it again: ”

That’s about as good as I could do in the circumstances. Still I am super ticked and frustrated for having let that slip. Gah.

On the bright side it allowed me to write this entertaining post and I gained some valuable experience in the process.

I imagine this would be like saying “Fuck you” the first time you meet your girlfriend’s parents. Depending on the family I might be able to get out of it. Let’s hope this ad family is not like the one Gaylord Focker encounters.

Until next time keep cool.



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