Keep shinning.

Today the heat wave broke, finally.

Everything everywhere felt like Bikram yoga. Grocery shopping = bikram yoga. Sleeping = bikram yoga. Eating, Drinking= bikram yoga.

No complaining though, plus 42 is certainly much better than -35 which as most of you will know is just terrible.

Anyway before I get into my latest updates in the quest for my ad job I wanted to share a song that has been big for me in the last couple of days.

Canadian hip hop artist and lyrical genius, Shad just released a new album and this track is one of the more positive songs I have ever had penetrate my ear. That’s right it penetrated my ear, I went there.

Here it is.

So here we go, days 8 & 9:

I have had a few more responses, 3 to be exact. Two of whom are asking for my portfolio and one was totally digging my vibe and wanted me to know that.

Here is a sample from Mystery CEO:

“Hi Liam,

And thanks very much for your email.  I really like the way you think.  We are not really looking for someone right now.  But things change quickly in this business.  If you are ever in New York please do come and visit.  And in the meanwhile, stay in touch once in a while and have a fantastic weekend.”

Now if you ask me that is pretty cool! It feels good to connect with people.

Speaking of connecting check out this note I got last night from the top recruiter at one of NYC’s biggest agencies:

“Hi Liam,

Thanks for your email to XXXXXX XXXXX below and for your interest in opportunities with XXXXX.  We are interested in taking a look at some of your work samples – do you have a url to an online portfolio that you could share with me at this point in time?

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.



Again, another positive step.

Now I have a whole bunch of these types of emails, about 15 to be exact now and I am responding bit by bit and sharpening up my portfolio as well.

I feel like I have put a really bloody piece of bait into the water and the sharks are starting to swarm but none haven taken the bait yet – I think?

Also, I haven’t had time to start sending to LA and SF, the home of my beloved 49ers and of course the San Francisco Treat – Rice Roni! That will come tomorrow.

Until then I am going to go enjoy a free concert – mainly because an awesome ad agency hasn’t hired me yet and therefore I have little disposable income. Free is good.

Happy Friday!


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